MET gala's theme this year was Heavenly Bodies : Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Of course everyone dressed divine yet fashionable and Oh em gee, my brain was frozen when I saw these queens blessing the red carpet (on YT,duh). Okay, enough with the chitty chitty chat chat. Let's get started! RIHANNA! With her Fenty… Continue reading MET GALA 2018


Embarrassing Stories

I don't know why I have decided to write on this particular topic but, there is no turning back now! I am gonna deal with it till my last breath. So, I have asked myself "How I can make my life more embarrassing?" Brain: " TELL EVERYONE YOUR EMBARRASSING STORIES !" "Well,thanks Mr.Brain if anything… Continue reading Embarrassing Stories


It's late in the night like almost 3 am and I am thinking about those baked chips I had last week. "Ah! they were damn good!" As I said It's almost 3AM- so is it late in the night or early in the morning? My brain goes to this "mumble jumble mode" at this hour… Continue reading SOME LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS